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Position Available

Accounts management / Sales & marketing

We are looking for an expert in business operations and software
to join our team at AMPL Optimization.

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Our Product

AMPL is a powerful modeling language and environment for working with large and difficult optimization problems that arise in a broad variety of applications. AMPL’s design has set the standard for optimization modeling software that deals with complex models naturally and efficiently.

AMPL’s user base extends to businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions in all parts of the world. Over a thousand scientific papers cite the use of AMPL; more than 300 universities use AMPL for teaching or research projects, and over a hundred corporate users have relied on it for their operations or planning. All of the most popular implementations of algorithms for large-scale linear and nonlinear optimization, in continuous and integer variables, offer AMPL interfaces.

Development of the AMPL continues with new interfaces, solver connections, and language features.

Our Company

AMPL Optimization Inc. was founded in 2002 to directly develop, market and distribute AMPL. It has grown steadily into the principal seller of AMPL software and a major distributor of solvers that work with AMPL. At the same time it has expanded its network of strategic distribution agreements.

The originators of AMPL are leaders in the fields of optimization and software engineering and continue as partners in the company. Currently the company has 4 employees and is seeking to grow to match its increased level of business in recent years. We are a distributed organization with individuals working in different cities and communicating mainly by email and phone, with occasional meetings arranged as travel and conference plans permit, as well as an annual company meeting.

Our Position

We seek a well-organized and flexible individual who can take responsibility for key business functions and systems with very limited supervision and can project a positive image in interactions with customers. As we are a small company, strong emphasis will be placed on willingness to handle a variety of tasks as needs arise, and on participating actively in setting future directions.

The immediate specific responsibility of this position will be to manage all interactions with customers from the point of ordering through billing, fulfillment, and maintenance. The specific activities to be managed include

  • creating invoices
  • arranging payments
  • generating licenses
  • pursuing maintenance renewals
  • processing trial and course license requests

Due to the highly varied needs of our customers, these steps often require considerable judgment and flexibility. Thus key aspects of the work will include:

  • communicating effectively with customers by email and phone
  • evaluating technical questions and forwarding them as necessary
    to other members of the AMPL team
  • resolving communication and payment issues
  • keeping our licensing and contact databases coordinated and up to date
  • learning, evaluating, and updating software tools

Additionally the position will involve developing and implementing new initiatives in business systems, and working with our team on marketing and sales efforts.


Relevant preparation for this position would include experience with the following:

  • business software for functions such as invoicing, order tracking,
    license generation, and customer relations management
  • collaborative web-based software for business operations
  • business use of email and phone systems

Candidates should have direct experience in these areas, or demonstrated ability through related experience.

Applicants should be United States residents and should be qualified to accept permanent, full-time employment in the United States.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume with “Position Available” in the subject line to