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MINLP Directives for AMPL

To set these directives, assign a string specifying their values to the AMPL option minlp_options. For example:

ampl: option minlp_options 'eps=1.0e-6 rho=100';


eps       NLP Optimality tolerance for SQP solver (default 1E-6)
infty     A large number (default 1E20)
iprint    Print level (silent=0 <= iprint <= 3=verbose)
 kmax      Dimension of null-space (SQP solver bqpd)
 maxiter   Maximum number of iterations per node for SQP solver
 miopttol  Tolerance (absolute error) for MINLP solver (default 1E-4)
 mxlws     INTEGER workspace length
 mxws      REAL workspace length
 objno     Objective number: 1 = first, 0 = none
 outlev    Print level (0=silent, 3=verbose)
 plconpri  Priority for constraint piecewise-linear terms
 plobjpr   Priority for objective piecewise-linear terms
 rho       Initial trust region radius for SQP solver (default = 10.0)
 stackmax  Maximum size of stack for branch-and-bound (default 5000)
 timing    Whether to time evaluations (1 = yes)
 tt        Parameter for upper bound on filter (SQP solver)
 ubd       Parameter for upper bound on filter (SQP solver)