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30-Day AMPL Trial

We offer a full-featured, unrestricted copy of AMPL with a trial license good for 30 days. If you are evaluating AMPL for purchase or for use in the AMPL for Courses program, request a trial by scrolling down to our online trial request form on this page. If you are a student then see instead our AMPL for Students page and the trial form there.

The AMPL trial version works with any solver that has an AMPL interface. Solvers that we sell directly can be requested as part of your trial, as described below. Links to other solver options may be found on our complete solver list.

30-Day Solver Trials

Full-featured versions of solvers that we sell directly are also available under trial licenses:

  • CONOPT, nonlinear
  • CPLEX, linear & convex quadratic with mixed-integer
  • Gurobi, linear & convex quadratic with mixed-integer
  • KNITRO, nonlinear with mixed-integer
  • MINOS, linear & nonlinear
  • SNOPT, nonlinear
  • Xpress, linear & convex quadratic with mixed-integer

To request trials for one or more of these solvers, select them on the Solvers line at the bottom of the trial request form. Trial versions of other solvers may be available from their developers; see our complete solver list for contact information.

Other Trial Options

Run some simple AMPL models online through our Try AMPL Online page.

Download a permanent “demo” version of AMPL limited to 300 variables and 300 constraints plus objectives, after presolve — 500 for linear problems — by following the instructions on our Download a Demo Version page. Versions of some solvers are also included.

Run larger problems online using some of the many solvers available through the NEOS Server. Send AMPL model, data, and script files to be run online with the solvers, or use a local copy of AMPL to run online solvers through NEOS’s Kestrel interface.

If you are teaching a class, you may request time-limited but otherwise unrestricted bundles for distribution to students, through the AMPL for Courses program. Special arrangements for demonstrations and workshops are also available; write to or call +1 773-336-AMPL to discuss possibilities.

30-Day Free Trial Request Form

Students please see our AMPL for Students page and use the form there instead.

To begin, go to our Fingerprint Instructions page (which will open in a new tab) to get an AMPL "fingerprint" string that describes your computer.

Then return to this form and paste the fingerprint string here:*

Complete your request by filling out the following fields and clicking Submit at the bottom of the form:

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Job title or position:*
Full name of your
company or university:*
Department (if any) within your
company or university:
Solvers to include with your trial:*  BARON CONOPT CPLEX Gurobi KNITRO LGO MINOS SNOPT Xpress
Please tell us how you plan to use your AMPL trial.*
(Also describe any special requirements here.)

  I agree to the Terms & Conditions governing this free trial of AMPL products

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