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We are looking for an optimization expert to join us in software development and customer support at AMPL Optimization.

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Our Product

AMPL is a powerful modeling language and environment for working with large and difficult optimization problems that arise in a broad variety of applications. AMPL’s design has set the standard for optimization modeling software that deals with complex models naturally and efficiently.

AMPL’s user base extends to businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions throughout the world. Nearly a thousand scientific papers cite the use of AMPL, and over a hundred corporate users have relied on it for their operations or planning. All of the most popular implementations of algorithms for large-scale linear and nonlinear optimization, in continuous and integer variables, offer AMPL interfaces.

Development of the AMPL software began as a Bell Laboratories research project in 1985. Commercial versions of AMPL first became available in 1993 through distribution arrangements with leading solver vendors.

Our Company

AMPL Optimization LLC (www.ampl.com) was incorporated in 2002 to directly develop, market and distribute AMPL. It has grown steadily into the principal seller of AMPL software and a major distributor of solvers that work with AMPL. At the same time it has expanded its network of strategic distribution agreements.

The originators of AMPL are leaders in the fields of optimization and software engineering and continue as partners in the company. A director of business development was added last year and further growth is anticipated.

Our Position

We seek a dynamic and flexible software developer with the ability to implement substantial subsystems with very limited supervision and to project a positive image in interactions with customers. As we are a small company, strong emphasis will be placed on handling a variety of tasks as needs arise, and on participating actively in setting future directions.

Specific responsibilities will include the following:

  • Create and maintain solver interfaces, database handlers, and other AMPL-related software

  • Supervise systems for software distribution, licensing, and invoicing, with activities including design, implementation, maintenance, and customer support

  • Manage and develop AMPL's online availability through repositories & servers such as netlib, COIN-OR, NEOS, and future "cloud" offerings

  • Assist in support of AMPL users and specific customer projects

  • Participate in internal discussions on AMPL's development and marketing strategy
Qualified applicants will have the following preparation:
  • Study of optimization and related topics in an MS, PhD, or comparable advanced degree program

  • Experience carrying out research in optimization or pursuing applications of optimization to real problems

  • Proficiency in software design and development using a variety of languages and platforms, with a willingness and ability to pick up new systems quickly

  • Ability to communicate effectively (in person, over the phone, and in writing) with a variety of optimization users and customer representatives

  • Interest in helping to run a business and in working independently

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume with “Optimization Developer” in the subject line to

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