AMPL for New Graduates

We make it simple to get your optimization career off the ground.

AMPL is dedicated to bringing mathematical optimization to the next generation of modelers and developers. 

What is AMPL for New Graduates?

The AMPL for New Graduates program is a long standing offer of free use of AMPL and solvers. As you graduate from your undergraduate or graduate programs, we would like to offer you a free 1-year AMPL license, with nine commercial solvers.  

Features and parameters

Prototype, pitch and share all with a free AMPL license, commercial and open source solvers. No credit cards. Free for anyone to use for commercial, research, teaching and general purposes. 

Free, full-featured AMPL license

No limitations on the number of variables or constraints. AMPL supports models with millions of variables and constraints, while still solving at lightning speed.

World's most popular solvers

12 months free use of the same solvers we sell to our enterprise customers.

For commercial and research use.

You are welcome to use your AMPL and commercial solver licenses commercially or for research in the new teams you join, and we look forward to seeing what you build.

Easy to obtain

Fill out a simple form in the License Portal. We will contact you to send you your downloadable license file.

Single-user license

Your single license allows the product to be run by any number of users in any number of simultaneous processes, on one designated computer. (KNITRO is limited to one user.)

Download to your computer

This license downloads to your computer and is independent of the internet.

You choose your solvers

Our solver parters have enabled us to include the following linear, nonlinear and alternative solvers into your AMPL Graduate Bundle:

Commercial Solvers

Group 17 Copy 3
Linear & Quadratic Solvers
Group 15 Copy 3
Nonlinear Solvers


Artleys Knitro (one month trial only)

Group 16 Copy 3
Global Solvers

Open Source Solvers

Group 17 Copy 3
Linear & Quadratic Solvers


Group 15 Copy 3
Nonlinear Solvers

Ipopt, Bonmin, Couenne

Group 16 Copy 3
Global Solvers

Gecode, JaCoP

You must have recently graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program in mathematical optimization to qualify for the New Graduate AMPL and solver programs.

Your license and work will not disappear. You will, however, be required to begin purchasing AMPL and desired commercial solvers at the standard AMPL rates. We now offer both subscription and yearly purchase (plus annual maintenance) for your convenience on all AMPL and solver license options. 

See our commercial pricing page, and contact us to set up your license for continued use. Also, check out the Community Edition for free AMPL and open source solvers (with 30-day free trials of commercial solvers).

You will receive a single-user license that will be bound to one user login – but your team can benefit from the use of your AMPL license as long as you only have one person logged in at a time.

You can learn about the terms and conditions for the new graduates license here.

Get started with your free license

We require a simple verification process for modelers to qualify for the New Graduates license. Contact us today and we will get you started using AMPL.

Group 21
Create a profile or login to our License Portal
Group 2 Copy 22
Complete our simple request form in the License Portal.
Group 2 Copy 43
We will contact you to complete the set up and send your license file.