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Computers and Operating Systems Supported by AMPL

AMPL is available for many popular combinations of computer and operating system, as shown in the table below. Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported as appropriate. If a platform you want to use is not listed, let us know; we may be able to build you a version.

Platforms listed in bold are also supported for all solvers available directly from us. Please contact us for availability of these solvers on other listed platforms. Information on supported platforms for other available solvers is available from their listed developers or distributors.

Computer/ProcessorOperating System
Apple Macintosh / IntelOS X all versions
macOS all versions
Apple Macintosh / M1, M2macOS all versions
(may use Rosetta 2 emulator)
IBM Power SystemsAIX
IBM Power SystemsLinux
Intel ItaniumLinux
Intel x86/x64 or compatibleLinux all versions
Intel x86/x64 or compatibleSolaris
Intel x86/x64 or compatibleWindows all versions
Sun SPARCSolaris