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QuanDec by Cassotis Consulting

Turn your optimization model into an interactive decision-making tool

QuanDec is a generic scenario-based graphical interface for optimization models written in AMPL. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly web application designed to help decision makers analyze results, compare scenarios, make reports, share work with colleagues, calibrate equations with regressions, and much more.

QuanDec Features

  • Server application
  • Centralized data
  • Several models on a single server
  • Web-based
  • Multiple users
  • Concurrent access
  • Secure access
  • Scenario-based
  • Share scenarios between users
  • Assign rights to edit, comment & view scenarios
  • Scenario comparison tool
  • Analyses in a few clicks
  • Customized reports
  • Excel communication



QuanDec puts models’ complexity in the background, to let the decision maker focus on the analysis and results.

Compare scenarios: Optimize your model with different sets of data. Create scenarios and compare their results. Analyze the differences and build your own reports.

Perform analysis in a few clicks: Do you regularly perform the same analysis? In Quan∆ec you are able to create a script — a sequence of commands that use some predefined parameters.

Calibrate with Big Data: QuanΔec deals with large data sets and finds correlations between variables within a built-in regression tool. Resulting equations are used inside the optimization model.

Share your work: Share your scenario with your colleagues and all of you will be able to access it simultaneously. Moreover, you define what they can do with your scenario: edit, comment or consult.

Communicate with Excel®: Any input data table can be exported to Excel, edited, and imported back into Quan∆ec. Copying and pasting values are also available.

Graphically present your results: Use reporting tools, such as charts, dynamic tables and lists, to easily present the analysis and results of the optimization.


How QuanΔec Works

It all starts with your AMPL model.
AMPL model

Copy & paste your model files into QuanDec’s workspace
Copy paste

Create AMPL tables and link them to QuanDec explorer
AMPL tables

Your AMPL model is ready to be used via QuanDec



The QuanDec Hierarchy


Run sensitivity analysis over parameters or variables or even complex AMPL scripts.




Create scenarios and evaluate changes in parameter values, variable bounds, or regression settings.



Establish Master reference data for a model

In QuanDec your AMPL model is divided into two parts:

  • Static equations: regular AMPL constraints
  • Evolving equations: constraints regarded as regressions, whose evolution is easily seen via the QuanΔec interface and easily calibrated with the use of big data


Learn More

Click below to view our screenshot video illustrating all of QuanΔec’s tools and functions.

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