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DONLP2 Directives for AMPL

To set these directives, assign a string specifying their values to the AMPL option donlp2_options. For example:

ampl: option donlp2_options 'epsx=1e-6 maxit=100';


maxfwd   max vars in fwd AD of common exprs (default 5)
tau0     sum of constraint violations allowed during iteration (default 1.d0)
del0     initially an inequality g is binding if g/max{1,||grad g||}<=del0
         (default 1.d0)
epsx     required precision in primal solution (default 0.00001)
maxit    iteration limit (<= 4000)
nreset   allowed number of successive steps with insignificant changes in x or f
intakt   write iteration protocol also to stdout =0 off (default) =1 on
silent   write results and messages on special events to file *.pro and *.mes
         (default =1: on)
outlev   composed from 4 bits:
         bit 1 ="0" means no output , "1" one line per step,
         bit 2 ="1" short iteration protocol
         bit 3 ="1" detailed iteration protocol (primal and dual sol's, stepsizes etc.)
         bit 4 ="1" print also gradients and hessian estimate
prou     unit number for output protocol
meu      unit number for special events messages protocol
wantsol  solution report without -AMPL: sum of
                1 ==> write .sol file
                2 ==> print primal variable values
                4 ==> print dual variable values
                8 ==> do not print solution message