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SNOPT Directives for AMPL

To set these directives, assign a string specifying their values to the AMPL option snopt_options. For example:

ampl: option snopt_options 'timing=1 maxfwd=10';


ftimes   report function eval. times
maxfwd   max vars in fwd AD of common exprs (default 5)
meminc   increment to minimum memory allocation
objno    objective number: 0 = none, 1 = first (default)
outlev   output level; 1 = default
timing   report I/O and solution times: 1 = stdout, 2 = stderr, 3 = both
version  report version
wantsol  solution report without -AMPL: sum of
                1 ==> write .sol file
                2 ==> print primal variable values
                4 ==> print dual variable values
                8 ==> do not print solution message