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LINDO Global Options for AMPL

To set these directives, assign a string specifying their values to the AMPL option lindoglobal_options.
For example:

ampl: option lindoglobal_options 'epsr=1e-4 maxtime=600';

Keywords are followed by a value as indicated in the listing.

epsa           Absolute convergence tolerance (default 1e-6).
epsr Relative convergence tolerance (default 1e-5).
maxtime Maximum CPU seconds allowed (default -1, means no limit).
outlev Whether to chatter: 0 ==> no(default), 1 ==> yes.
threadingmode Threading mode for solvers with multithreading support: -1 = solver decides (default) 0 = try parallel mode, if not available try concurrent mode 1 = force parallel mode 2 = try concurrent mode, if not available try parallel mode 3 = force concurrent mode.
threads Number of threads to be used (default -1, uses solver default).
wantsol Solution report without -AMPL: sum of 1 ==> write .sol file 2 ==> print primal variable values 4 ==> print dual variable values 8 ==> do not print solution message