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AMPL API 0.2.4 Release Notes

Here “[Breaking]” means the change that may break valid user code, “[Fix]” – a bug fix.

  • [Fix] Entiy.getValues() incorrect handling of entities indexed over sets of indexarity > 1
  • Improved performance post issuing of AMPL.eval command, as only the needed entities are updated
  • [Breaking] All Table.get overloads, Table.entrySet, Table.getIndices, Table.getValues and Table.getInstances throw UnsupportedOperationException instead of returning null.
  • [Breaking] Table.getIndexingSets and Table.getDeclaration throw UnsupportedOperationException if the version of the underlying AMPL interpreter is < 20150127.
  • Improved error reporting in case of crash of the underlying interpreter. The last issue command is now reported.
  • [Breaking] AMPL.toString now reports the API version together with the AMPL interpreter version