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AMPL API 1.0 Release Notes

Here “[Breaking]” means the change that may break valid user code, “[Fix]” – a bug fix.

  • [Fix] Fixed a bug which was causing AMPL executable to not to be found if placed in directories containing spaces in their names in JVM version < 1.7.
  • [Fix] Matlab AMPL constructor was quitely ignoring arguments. Now the argument can be a string pointing to the directory of the AMPL executable.
  • [Breaking] AMPLException.toString() now uses platform independent newlines (\n)
  • [Fix] AMPL.getData() now works correctly for compound sets
  • [Fix] AMPL.getEntity() now returns null for tables.
  • [Fix] Now setting the PATH in the environment class prior to construction of the AMPL object is correcly considered.