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AMPL API 1.1 Release Notes

Here “[Breaking]” means the change that may break valid user code, “[Fix]” – a bug fix.

  • [Breaking] Entity.indexarity() now returns 0 for scalar entities.
  • Entity.hasIndexing() is now marked as deprecated, will be removed in
    future versions.
  • Environment.addToPath() is deprecated.
  • [New] Added Entity.isScalar().
  • [New] Added Objective.sstatus() and ObjectiveInstance.sstatus().
  • [New] Added output kinds AMPLOutput.SHELL_MESSAGE, AMPLOutput.SHELL_OUTPUT
    and AMPLOutput.WRITE_TABLE.
  • [Fix] Added support for write_table AMPL message
  • [Fix] Fixed support for string elements containing spaces in AMPL.setData().
  • [Fix] Fixed support for entities indexed over empty sets.