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AMPL IDE 3.5 Release Notes

System enhancements

  • Migrated to the Eclipse 4 (e4) application model
  • Signed the IDE app for macOS

User interface improvements

  • New Commands menu
  • Updated Help entries including new reference sections for AMPL display and presolve options
  • New Send To AMPL (Ctrl+R) command in contextual menus for files
  • Expanded Preferences dialog including detailed color options for console and editor
  • Tooltip option (selected in Preferences) to show an AMPL object’s definition
    when the pointer hovers over the object’s name


  • Editor and console color did not persist
  • AMPL prompt disappeared in some workflows
  • AMPL process hung when opening a large file
  • Up-arrow did not display previously used commands for some solvers
  • Preference and About items did not display properly under macOS