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AMPL Videos

Model-Based Optimization with AMPL

Learn the fundamentals of AMPL’s approach to building optimization applications quickly and reliably. Topics include model-based vs. method-based approaches, modeling language vs. programming language approaches, and declarative vs. executable approaches.

Introduction to the AMPL APIs

Build optimization into your applications with AMPL’s programming interfaces for C++, C#, Java, MATLAB, Python, and R. Access AMPL models and run AMPL commands from your programs, and exchange data directly and efficiently between AMPL parameters & variables and your preferred data structures.

New in AMPL for 2020

Learn about a new direct spreadsheet interface, solver callbacks, Jupyter notebooks, and alternatives “beyond the desktop” for using and distributing AMPL.

Installing AMPL on Windows

Installing AMPL on macOS

AMPL Options for Students

Learn about free demos for small problems, free large-scale support in the cloud via the NEOS Server, full-featured AMPL for Courses, unrestricted 30-day student trials, and special academic pricing.