AMPL for Academic Research

All the benefits of commercial licenses, at a fraction of the price.

This license applies to purchases by degree-awarding institutions for use in noncommercial teaching and research activities. Products covered by academic prices are full-featured and have no arbitrary limits on problem size. Our separate standard price list is applicable to all other purchases.

We make it easy to use AMPL in research.

Access our full standard AMPL and commercial solver licenses and save at least 90% off our standard price list.

Annual Subscription Licenses

For longer trials of AMPL or short term research projects, AMPL now offers subscription pricing for both AMPL and commercial solver products. This license costs half of our purchase price, and will be fully functional for one year from payment. Available in both single-machine and floating licenses.

Purchase + Maintenance Licenses

For long-term use of AMPL and commercial solvers, spend a little more on purchased license. Our standard academic license is the same full-featured, no-size-limit version of AMPL that commercial customers use. Purchase a single-machine or floating license at a 90% discount off the standard rates and for following years, only pay a 20% maintenance fee. 

Free Academic Solver Programs

Special offer for COPT, CPLEX, Gurobi, and Xpress

Upon request and appropriate registration we can supply free 1-year academic CPLEX, Gurobi, and Xpress licenses of the same number and type as purchased academic AMPL licenses. Subject to continued participation by the solver developers, these free licenses can be renewed for additional 1-year terms when AMPL maintenance and support service, described below, is also renewed.

To receive the free 1-year academic CPLEX license, you must affirm that you are entitled to receive the CPLEX solver under the terms of the IBM Academic Initiative. You can register for this IBM program

To receive the free 1-year academic Xpress license, you must affirm that you are entitled to receive the Xpress solver under the terms of the FICO Academic Partner Program. You can apply for this FICO program

Standard academic Gurobi and Xpress licenses are also available for purchase; contact us at for details. 

AMPL license features

The full AMPL System included in all your license options

All AMPL licenses provide you with the powerful optimization system of writing AMPL models with our IDE, allows you to connect your data from databases, spreadsheets and CSV files.

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AMPL IDE is a ready-to-go visual development environment with built-in controls for optimization model development and testing.

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Data Connectors

Integrate your optimization models with spreadsheet and relational sources, locally or in the cloud. AMPL’s table handlers establish fast connections for data input and result output.

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Solver Connections

Connect to the most popular and powerful commercial and open source solvers. Switch between solvers without changing your model or data. AMPL’s standard interface lets you focus first on modeling, and then choose the optimization engine that meets your needs. 

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Build optimization into your enterprise systems or software products, using AMPL’s application programming interfaces. AMPL offers fast connections to Python, R, C++, C#, MATLAB, and Java, while maintaining your model in its original, readable form.

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Education Materials

Master the AMPL language and system quickly with our introductory materials, examples, and documentation. The AMPL book provides a complete tutorial introduction (and it’s great for teaching, too).

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Extensive documentation for newcomers and experts alike. Learn how to install, use, integrate and deploy AMPL models and applications. Read the docs now

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Technical Support

Count on our team to help you in all stages of application building. Our technical staff provides expert advice on AMPL, solvers, and optimization, and our consulting service can help you build and integrate your models.

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Join the conversation in our discussion forum. Our expert technical support team frequently provides new content and answers your questions. 

Academic prices are for degree-awarding institutions for use in noncommercial teaching and research activities.

Yes! We make it very easy to test AMPL before making purchases. You can download and start using the AMPL Community Edition, a 30-day full trial or a size-limited demo.

Discounts may be available on purchases of multiple AMPL or solver licenses. Previous purchases can be counted toward volume discounts provided their maintenance is current. Please contact us at for details.

 Yes, you need only give us an email address for the cardholder (you can send this to We will then send a message to that address containing instructions for entering the credit card number through a secure web interface. (Square acts as our credit card processor for this transaction, and you will see their logo on the email, but there is no requirement that you register for their services or create an account.

We are confident AMPL will meet all of your needs. To be sure, compare AMPL and other modeling languages on the NEOS server. Learn more here.

All licenses start as a free Community Edition license file downloaded to your machine. Once your account has been figured out and activated, we will simply extend your Community Edition file.

Setting up an account only takes as much time as is needed to create the custom bundle that will work best for your particular situation. You can start modeling right away with a free Community Edition license with free commercial solver trials. We will expand your license to include all your paid license features.

Each single-machine license allows the product to be run by any number of users in any number of simultaneous processes, on one designated computer. (KNITRO is limited to one user.)

Intended for deployment to clustered nodes (physical cluster nodes, VMs, containers, function endpoints (i.e. Lambda) or otherwise virtualized nodes).

Use unlimited threads and sessions, by either 3, 8 or 20 designated cluster users.

By using the purchased software you agree to our Terms & Conditions governing the licensing and use of AMPL products. Contact us if your organization has special requirements for license agreements.

AMPL may be purchased by itself for connection to solvers sold by other vendors and to noncommercial or experimental solvers. Contact us or consult our solvers overview page for points to detailed information about all solver alternatives.

AMPL in Research

Trusted in over 400 university departments and research laboratories throughout the world.

AMPL is cited by over 1800 papers in research journals and proceedings indexed by Web of Science. This visualization of the research fields of 400 citing articles since 2016 gives an indication of the breadth of the work represented:

272 +


241 +


157 +

Computer Science

101 +

Energy Fuels

94 +

Business Economics

79 +

Operations Research Management Science

56 +

Automation Control Systems

35 +

Environmental Sciences Ecology

28 +


26 +

Mathematical Computational Biology

23 +


19 +


18 +

Public Administration

14 +


21 +

Science Technology & Related Topics

19 +


12 +

Government & Law

10 +


10 +

Biodiversity & Conservation

9 +


9 +

Plant Sciences

9 +

Materials Science

8 +

Water Resources

7 +


More ways to use AMPL

AMPL offers a variety of licenses to facilitate the use of mathematical optimization within the academic community. 

Free licenses

Community Edition

Prototype and test solvers with your AMPL model with a full AMPL license, commercial solver trials, open source solvers, data connectors and more.

30-Day Full Trial

In our license portal, download a full AMPL license with all commercial and open source solvers we distribute.

Size-Limited Demo

Download a size-limited AMPL license, without an expiry, to use with all solvers we distribute.


To simplify the work of comparing and testing solvers, we have made AMPL and solver resources available “in the cloud” in collaboration with the NEOS Server project.

More license options

AMPL for Courses

When teaching AMPL to students, request a free AMPL license and all solvers we distribute (commercial and open source) bundled together in an easy-to-distribute license file.

AMPL for New Graduates

New Graduates can access a free 12-month AMPL license with all solvers we distribute.

AMPL for Non-Profits

Qualifying non-profit organizations can acquire a free AMPL license and can purchase commercial solvers directly through us.

AMPL for Consultants

Qualifying consultants can acquire a free AMPL license and can purchase commercial solvers directly through us.

Get started with your academic license

We are proud to support academic researchers and the growth and development of mathematical optimization. We require a simple verification process for modelers to qualify for the academic research licenses.