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AMPL is A Mathematical Programming Language for solving optimization problems that integrates three main components. All three languages use the same concepts and syntax for streamlined application-building.

AMPL products extend your license for more ways to integrate AMPL into your applications.


The AMPL Integrated Development Environment, IDE, allows for commands to be typed at an AMPL prompt in the usual way. All installed solvers can be accessed directly through the IDE.


Our APIs ensure that you have a reliable and maintainable implementation as you embed your optimization models into applications.

Data Connectors

Get started with AMPL's data handlers to read and write data in the external formats of relational databases, spreadsheets, and CSV files.

Extended Function Library

Extend AMPL with over 300 functions chosen from the GNU Scientific Library, including scientific, statistical, and utility functions of many kinds, and a variety of random number generators.

Logic & Constraint Programming Extensions

Explore our logic & constraint programming solver and operators, lectures, and example files.


Test AMPL and popular solvers for free using a convenient online service.

Solver Products

AMPL sells a selection of the most popular and powerful solvers in the world. You can trial all solvers free for 30-days with a Community Edition license, or with any of our other free licenses above. 

Choosing Your Solvers

AMPL supports the most popular and powerful optimization engines.

Solvers We Sell

Access the newest and fastest solver technology through AMPL's intuitive algebraic interface.

Open Source Solvers

Try out your AMPL models with freely available solvers developed at universities and research centers under open-source licenses.

All Solvers for AMPL

Many solver developers have used our open libraries to create AMPL enabled solvers. We provide you with a list of currently hooked and available solvers and links to further information.