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These are the academic prices for AMPL and for the solvers that we sell. You can also download a printable version of this list.

These prices apply to purchases by degree-awarding institutions for use in noncommercial teaching and research activities. Products covered by academic prices are full-featured and have no arbitrary limits on problem size. Our separate standard price list is applicable to all other purchases.

When you’re ready to buy, see our complete ordering instructions.

Linear-quadratic solvers:
CPLEXfree 1-year: see notes
Gurobifree 1-year: see notes
Xpressfree 1-year: see notes
Nonlinear solvers:
Artelys Knitro$400$600
Alternative solvers:
LINDO Global
* Basic
Web-based collaborative environment:

      * The discounted Basic version of LINDO Global is limited to 3200 nonlinear variables

Prices and configurations

AMPL prices are for the AMPL modeling language and system, including the AMPL command-line and IDE development tools and the AMPL API programming libraries. To make use of AMPL it is necessary to also obtain at least one solver having an AMPL interface. Solvers may be obtained from us or from another source.

As listed above, we offer many popular solvers for direct purchase; refer to Solvers We Sell to learn more, including problem types supported and methods used. Our prices for these solvers apply to the versions that incorporate an AMPL interface; a previously or concurrently purchased copy of the AMPL software is needed to use these versions. Programming libraries and other forms of these solvers are not included.

AMPL may also be purchased by itself for connection to solvers sold by other vendors and to noncommercial or experimental solvers. Contact us or consult our Solvers overview page for pointers to detailed information about all solver alternatives.

QuanDec turns any AMPL optimization model into a sophisticated interactive decision-making tool. A QuanDec server license can be added on to any server installation of AMPL and a solver. Contact us at or visit our QuanDec overview page to learn more about QuanDec features and licensing.

License types

Each single license allows the product to be run by any number of users in any number of simultaneous processes, on one designated computer. (KNITRO is limited to one user.)

Each floating license allows one single license at a time to be activated on any computer where the product is installed. One computer must be designated as the license server; it may manage any number of floating licenses and may be configured to restrict requests to a specified list of network (IP) address ranges.

Free 1-year academic solver licenses

Upon request and appropriate registration we can supply free 1-year academic CPLEX, Gurobi, and Xpress licenses of the same number and type as purchased academic AMPL licenses. Subject to continued participation by the solver developers, these free licenses can be renewed for additional 1-year terms when AMPL maintenance and support service, described below, is also renewed.

To receive the free 1-year academic CPLEX license, you must affirm that you are entitled to receive the CPLEX solver under the terms of the IBM Academic Initiative. You can register for this IBM program.

To receive the free 1-year academic Xpress license, you must affirm that you are entitled to receive the Xpress solver under the terms of the FICO Academic Partner Program. You can apply for this FICO program.

Standard academic Gurobi and Xpress licenses are also available for purchase; contact us at for details.


AMPL maintenance and support service includes access to AMPL and solver software updates, regeneration of license files necessitated by hardware changes, and technical assistance with installation and execution. The quoted prices include one year of maintenance and support. Subsequent maintenance and support service is charged at an annual rate equal to a percentage, currently 20%, of the license price in effect at the time of renewal.

Maintenance and support will be billed annually unless cancelled in writing by the customer prior to the renewal date. Contact us at for information on upgrades to copies not currently under maintenance.

Volume discounts

Discounts may be available on purchases of multiple AMPL or solver licenses. Previous purchases can be counted toward volume discounts provided their maintenance is current. Please contact us at for details.