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Optimization has become a paradigm for an exceedingly diverse variety of problems in all fields of engineering as well as the physical, biological, and social sciences. Thus AMPL has found uses in over 400 university departments and research laboratories throughout the world. AMPL is also used in a variety of corporate research laboratories for studies in energy, communications, and new technologies.

AMPL and solvers are available at highly discounted prices to degree-awarding institutions for research carried out by affiliated faculty, associates, and students. AMPL Optimization also supports the free solver programs of CPLEX, Gurobi, and Xpress for academic use. All academic versions allow full use of machine resources, with problem sizes limited only by the memory, storage, and processors available.

See our standard price list, academic price list, and our complete ordering instructions. You can also request a 30-day trial of AMPL and all of the solvers that we distribute.

Citations of AMPL in research papers

AMPL is cited by over 1800 papers in research journals and proceedings indexed by Web of Science. This visualization of the research fields of 400 citing articles since 2016 gives an indication of the breadth of the work represented:

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(Graphic generated by Web of Science. Papers may be associated with more than one field.)