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Gurobi for AMPL

Gurobi’s outstanding performance has been demonstrated through leadership in public benchmark tests and dramatic improvement in solve times year after year. Built from the ground up using the latest developments & techniques, Gurobi’s extremely robust code ensures numerical stability, correctness of results, and scalability.


Developer: Gurobi Optimization, Inc.

Current version: 9.5

Problem types supported: Linear and quadratic optimization in continuous and integer variables.

Special forms detected: Convex and non-convex quadratic expressions in objectives and constraints; conic quadratic constraints; indicator constraints.

Algorithms available: For continuous problems, primal and dual simplex, interior-point (barrier); for integer problems, advanced branch-and-bound with presolve, feasibility heuristics and cut generators.

Special features: Global optimization of non-convex quadratic problems. Shared-memory parallel processing for barrier, branch-and-bound. Distributed concurrent optimization and tuning to leverage multiple machines. Streamlined access to cloud services. Special facilities for multi-objective optimization and infeasibility diagnosis.

Further information

Gurobi for AMPL User’s Guide including option descriptions (9.5 coming soon)
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