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For courses that make use of optimization models and methods, we invite you to obtain temporary versions of AMPL to give out to your students:

  • AMPL and solvers are provided in a single compressed download for each platform, usable for the duration of the course. They stop working on a built-in timeout date after the course ends.
  • Packages are easily installed on any computers used in conjunction with the course, including personal computers of professors, teaching assistants, and students.
  • Problem sizes are unrestricted.
  • Only a short online request form needs to be submitted for each course offering.

You decide which solvers to include in your packages, choosing from the complete lineup of solvers that we currently distribute:

  • Linear solvers that offer exceptional efficiency for linear and convex quadratic optimization problems in both continuous and integer variables, with extensions to related problem types:
  • Nonlinear solvers that apply a variety of methods to find locally optimal solutions to problems involving smooth nonlinear functions:
  • Global solvers that combine a variety of approaches to seek globally optimal solutions to nonlinear and discrete problems:
    • BARON and LINDO Global for global optimization in continuous and integer variables
    • LGO for global and local optimization in continuous variables

The AMPL for Courses packages, provided at no charge, are intended to complement the purchase of regular AMPL and solver academic licenses for use in labs and research projects. We provide assistance to the course instructor, with support for the students to be provided through the course.

To request AMPL for Courses, simply scroll down to our online course request form on this page. You will receive an email reply giving complete download and installation instructions.

For more information about this program, write to See also our summary of other programs for free trial use of AMPL and solvers.

Frequently Asked Questions about AMPL for Courses

Can individual students obtain AMPL for Courses? No, the request must be made by an instructor responsible for a listed course. Master copies of the AMPL + solver bundles are provided for download by the instructor or by another responsible person whom the instructor designates. Then the instructor arranges for distribution of the bundles to the course’s students; optionally, the students may be given a link to make their own downloads.

Does each offering of each course require a separate request? Yes, the AMPL + solver bundles are generated separately for each course, with course identifying information in the version string and a timeout about two weeks after the course end date indicated on the request.

How long a course can be covered? Our arrangements with the solver vendors allow for courses that are the length of an average academic term, up to about 6 months. We can extend this period somewhat to allow time for course preparation. However for a year-long course, two semiannual requests should be made.

Can AMPL for Courses be used for student projects? This program can provide AMPL + solvers for use in listed student project courses, on request from a responsible instructor. It is not available however for unsupervised student projects, multi-term project work, or support of PhD studies; for these purposes we recommend purchase at highly-discounted academic prices, or use of the free NEOS Server.

To get your AMPL for Courses:

1) Please visit the new AMPL Portal at and register or sign in

2) Click on the "Request" Menu item in the main menu

3) Select "AMPL for Courses" and complete and submit the short form