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You can purchase AMPL and many high-quality solvers directly from us. We’ll set you up with a personalized account on our site from which you can download software, license keys, and instructions.

Pricing and Licensing

We offer single, floating, and server licenses to meet all customer needs. The same licensing options apply to the AMPL modeling system and to the solvers that we sell. Follow the appropriate link for detailed descriptions of AMPL & solver license types and prices:

Contact us for written quotes, including pricing for special situations.


You can order in whatever way best fits your needs or procedures:

We will contact you with complete instructions for setup and payment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

Is it necessary to order a solver? AMPL does not have any built-in solvers. Often it is convenient to order one of the popular solvers that we sell directly, but you can also choose from many other AMPL-interfaced solvers available for purchase or download from independent sources. AMPL automatically recognizes any compatible solvers on your system, and there is never a charge for a “solver link”.

Can payment be made by credit card? Yes, you need only give us an email address for the cardholder. We will then send a message to that address containing instructions for entering the credit card number through a secure web interface. (PayPal acts as our credit card processor for this transaction, and you will see their logo on the email, but there is no requirement that you register for their services.)

What is the license agreement for use of AMPL and solver software? By using the purchased software you agree to our Terms & Conditions governing the licensing and use of AMPL products. Contact us if your organization has special requirements for license agreements.

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Please consult our standard price list or academic price list, as appropriate, to determine the appropriate entries. Describe special needs or situations in the comment box below, or contact us at +1 773-336-2675 or for assistance.

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For academic orders only

I am placing this order on behalf of a degree-granting academic institution, to be used by students, faculty, or staff of the institution for research or educational purposes only.

With your academic order you may request any or all of the following:

Include CPLEX free 1-year academic licenses; I certify the that user of the ordered licenses is entitled to receive CPLEX as a member of the IBM academic initiative.

Include Gurobi free 1-year academic licenses.

Include Xpress free 1-year academic licenses; I certify the that user of the ordered licenses is entitled to receive Xpress as a member of the FICO academic partner program.

Form of payment

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions confirmed: I confirm my understanding that the use of this software will be subject to the Terms & Conditions governing the licensing and use of AMPL products.

Submission of your order

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