AMPL for Business

Streamlined optimization development in business applications of all kinds.

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AMPL for Teaching

Free AMPL and solvers. Full-featured, time-limited. Easy to install & distribute.

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AMPL for Research

Optimization modeling for engineering, science, economics, management.

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What's new?

Two new plenary talks by Robert Fourer of AMPL
Optimization Software and Systems for Operations Research
The Evolution of Computationally Practical Linear Programming

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AMPL API programming & deployment interface
We've added Python and C# to our lineup including C++, Java, MATLAB

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QuanDec by Cassotis Consulting
Turn your AMPL model into an interactive decision-making tool:
Analyze, Compare, Report, Share, Calibrate, and more

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The AMPL system supports the entire optimization modeling lifecycle — formulation, testing, deployment, and maintenance — in an integrated way promotes rapid development and reliable results. Using a high-level algebraic representation that describes optimization models in the same ways that people think about them, AMPL can provide the head start you need to successfully implement large-scale optimization projects.

AMPL integrates a modeling language for describing optimization data, variables, objectives, and constraints; a command language for debugging models and analyzing results; and a scripting language for manipulating data and implementing optimization strategies. All use the same concepts to promote streamlined application-building.

New AMPL APIs offer programming interfaces for embedding AMPL models into enterprise systems written in a variety of languages.