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We offer a full-featured package of AMPL and solvers with a trial license good for 30 days on a computer that you specify. There are two steps to setting up your trial:

  • Download an AMPL and solver package for your computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) by following the instructions on our Download a Free Demo page. You can complete the installation and solve optimization problems of a few hundred variables immediately, using the included demo license.

  • Request a trial license to convert your demo to a 30-day trial with no problem-size restrictions. If you are evaluating AMPL for purchase or for use in the AMPL for Courses program, request a trial by scrolling down to our online trial request form on this page. If you are a student then see instead our AMPL for Students page and the trial form there.

All of the solvers we sell are included in the trial package, which also works with the AMPL IDE development environment and AMPL API programming interfaces. Separately you can download free open-source solvers, and other solver alternatives may be found in our complete solver list.

Alternative Trial Options

Run the AMPL book models or your own small examples using our Try AMPL Online interface.

For initial evaluation or study, download an AMPL “demo” package that allows up to 300 variables and 300 constraints plus objectives (after presolve) — 500 for linear problems — by following the instructions on our Download a Free Demo page. Numerous solvers are included (some with lower size limits) and you can upgrade at any time to a full-featured 30-day trial by submitting the form below.

Run larger problems remotely via the free NEOS Server. Send AMPL model, data, and command files to be processed online using a variety of AMPL-enabled solvers, or use a local copy of AMPL to run online solvers through NEOS’s Kestrel interface.

If you are teaching a class, request time-limited but otherwise unrestricted bundles for distribution to students, through the AMPL for Courses program. Special arrangements for demonstrations and workshops are also available; write to or call +1 773-336-AMPL to discuss possibilities.

30-Day Free Trial Request Form

Students please see our AMPL for Students page and use the form there instead.

To get your AMPL Trial:

1) Please visit the new AMPL Portal at and register or sign in

2) Click on the "Request" Menu item in the main menu

3) Select "Business/Research Full-Featured Trial" and complete and submit the short form