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AMPL Optimization is pleased to announce the appointment of William M. Wells as Chief Executive Officer. Bill has been part of AMPL management since 2010, in the capacity of executive vice president for business development. In previous lives Bill worked in consulting and software development with an emphasis on optimizing company planning and operations. He is looking forward to working with all of AMPL’s customers and partners to constantly increase the value that AMPL’s products provide.

Other members of the AMPL leadership continue in their previous positions, as described in our company profile.



We are pleased to welcome three individuals who have joined AMPL Optimization in the past year:

Filipe Brandão

Filipe will play a key role in the development of the next generation of AMPL products.

A specialist in integer linear programming, Filipe has been working on a large variety of optimization problems since 2008. He graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto with a master’s degree in Computer Science in 2012, and is currently completing a PhD in Computer Science at the same institution.

Filipe’s research has focused mainly on the application of very strong integer programming models based on arc-flow formulations to the solution of a large variety of cutting and packing problems. Some of the outcomes of his research are open-source projects such as VPSolver, a vector packing solver that won the 2016 Orbel Wolsey Award, and PyMPL, a mathematical programming toolbox for AMPL.

Paras Tiwari

Paras has joined AMPL to further bolster AMPL’s technical team in expanding the capabilities of AMPL and AMPL-related products.

Paras worked at Philips healthcare before joining AMPL. He completed his PhD in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, with research interests in mathematical optimization, modeling languages and the application of optimization to solve business problems. His dissertation was on the topic of Automating Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning by using Hierarchical Optimization. Prior to his graduate study, he worked for several years in software development.

Martin Laskowski

Martin joins AMPL to develop new commercial relationships and to help provide additional support for our growing base of student and academic users.

Martin’s expertise is in technical sales with a background in web development and content marketing. He will engage new customers to learn their specific optimization modeling requirements and to help them identify the AMPL features that will best meet their needs.

Martin will also handle sales and support for the QuanDec interactive decision-support platform.