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LINDO Global Solver for AMPL

LINDO Global is a versatile nonlinear optimizer that supports global optimization in continuous and discrete variables. It accepts a variety of objective and constraint functions, including many that are nonconvex and nonsmooth.

Getting started with LINDO Global

LINDO Global downloads are available from the My Downloads page of your account at the AMPL Portal, and are included in the bundles that are used for free trials.


Developer: LINDO Systems Inc.

Current version: 13.0

Problem types supported: Global nonlinear optimization in continuous and integer variables.

Algorithms available: Powerful linear, quadratic, and general nonlinear programming methods within a branch-and-bound framework for global and discrete optimization.

Special features: Support for nonlinear and nonsmooth functions handled by few other solvers, including: trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, hyperbolic, and inverse hyperbolic functions; minimum, maximum, and absolute value; floor, ceiling, round, and truncate.

Further Information

Lindo Systems website

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