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Octeract Solver for AMPL

The Octeract Engine supports global optimization of mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems. It is designed to achieve substantial speedups on very large numbers of parallel processing nodes, while also performing efficiently on multi-core shared memory architectures.

Getting started with Octeract

Octeract downloads are available from the My Downloads page of your account at the AMPL Portal, and are included in the bundles that are used for free trials.


Developer: Octeract Limited

Current version: 4.6.0

Problem types supported: Global nonlinear optimization in continuous and integer variables.

Algorithms available: Parallel branching search with numerous domain reduction and branching strategies.

Special features: “Optimization intelligence” analyzes solver runs to suggest option settings that will improve performance. Special support for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters.

Further Information

Octeract website

How to set Octeract for AMPL options.