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Position Available

Senior Marketing Professional

AMPL Optimization, creators of decision modeling software used worldwide in business, research, and teaching, announces an opportunity for an experienced marketing professional to join the AMPL team.

We seek candidates with a proven ability to design and implement a marketing plan, with experience in building systems to attract potential customers and in maintaining current customer relationships.

This is a remote position. Applications will be accepted to work from any location.


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Our Product

AMPL is a powerful modeling language and environment for working with large and difficult optimization problems that arise in a broad variety of applications. AMPL’s design has set the standard for optimization modeling software that deals with complex models naturally and efficiently.

AMPL’s user base extends to businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions in all parts of the world. Over a thousand scientific papers cite the use of AMPL; more than 500 universities use AMPL for teaching or research projects, and over two hundred corporate users have relied on it for their operations or planning. All of the most popular implementations of algorithms for large-scale linear and nonlinear optimization offer AMPL interfaces.

AMPL features and interfaces are regularly added. Key enhancements include APIs for C++, C#, Java, MATLAB, Python, and R; a multi-platform IDE; a direct spreadsheet interface; and connections to advanced solvers. New features under development include enhanced solver interfaces and comprehensive licensing for virtual machines.

Our Company

AMPL Optimization Inc. develops, markets, and supports the AMPL modeling language and system. We sell AMPL directly and through a network of strategic distribution agreements; additionally, we are a major distributor of solvers that work with AMPL. Our revenues derive from sales of software licenses and from annual software maintenance fees.

We currently employ two full-time individuals who divide their time between sales, marketing, and other business activities. Additionally the CEO and one of the company founders play an active role in surveying demand for optimization and setting marketing strategy and priorities. We are now looking to build on our previous success by adding our first position that is focused entirely on marketing.

Our products are supported by a substantial technical team that combines expertise in software engineering and in large-scale optimization. Team members are highly visible and active in the optimization community, and frequently represent AMPL at professional conferences. They are familiar with our customers and are available to help with sales and marketing efforts.

We are a distributed organization with individuals working from their homes in different cities. We have regular virtual meetings, and plan to resume occasional in-person meetings when circumstances permit.

Our Position

We seek an experienced marketing professional to plan and execute AMPL’s efforts in acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. You will be responsible for

  • developing and implementing a marketing plan,
  • proposing and managing a marketing budget,
  • supervising the creation of marketing materials,
  • evaluating measures of effectiveness, and
  • coordinating with other members of the AMPL team on marketing initiatives.

In carrying out these responsibilities, you will evaluate our current business practices, including our revenue model, distribution methods, and procedures for discovery, installation, evaluation, and payment.

Your work will be evaluated on direct measures of marketing results (inquiries, sales, maintenance renewals), as well as return on marketing investments and growth in revenues.


You should have a strong background and interest in software-related marketing, as evidenced by:

  • prior successes in marketing software to specialized technical audiences;
  • experience in planning and executing content marketing strategies; and
  • experience in development of marketing materials such as
    websites, videos, conference booths, flyers, and newsletters.

You should also have a background in mathematical modeling, either in mathematical optimization specifically, or in an area that provides strong preparation for learning the basics of mathematical optimization. Experience with AMPL or an analogous modeling tool would be especially valuable.

As we are a small, distributed company, the following qualities are also essential to this position:

  • ability to formulate goals and to personally carry out the plans for meeting them;
  • ability to communicate effectively, both electronically and in person; and
  • ability to work independently.

Applicants must confirm that, at the time that employment in this position begins, they will be legally entitled to accept permanent, full-time employment in their current country of residence.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume with “AMPL Marketing Position 2021” in the subject line to