The notebooks in this repository are contributed by the following authors:


Your name can be here too! Just make a pull request to or send a link to your notebook by email to

Contribution Guide

  1. Use the template template/colab.ipynb as base template.

  2. In the header make sure you fill the following fields:

Description: <required>

Tags: <required>, <>, <>

Notebook author: <required>

Model author: <optional>

License: <optional>

References: <optional>
  1. Do not modify the initial two cells that take care of setup and jupyter notebook integration to do anything other than installing packages and instantiating the ampl_notebook. You can modify the list of modules and add more dependencies, but if you do anything else the changes may be overwritten.

  2. Place your notebook inside<github_username>/.

  3. Update the badges and the index as shown below before committing.

Note: The default license for every notebook is MIT unless specified otherwise in the notebook.

Updating notebook headers & index

The following commands update the README file and the index in the documentation, as well as add any new automatically created files:

$ python scripts/
$ git add docs/source/

Note that the notebook headers are patched with new badges using links to the correct locations after the notebook is published. The first two notebook cells are modified to ensure that requirements are installed and that the ampl_notebook is instantiated.