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Free, full-powered AMPL for professional, academic and personal use.

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Sign into or create a free account in our license portal

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Download AMPL and solvers for your operating system

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Download your Community Edition license file

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Optionally, start commercial solver trials









Connectors & Extensions

Prototype, build, pitch, and share with ease - no limitations on variables or constraints.

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Install and use on your own machine.

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Move your license from machine to machine any time.

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Trial commercial solvers for 30 days each.

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Manage your AMPL and solver licenses in the AMPL portal.

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Access APIs, open source solvers, data connectors, and more.

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Support through the AMPL forum.

Does not permanently connect to commercial solvers.

Must maintain an internet connection for license validation.

Use the world’s most popular solvers, free with AMPL

Community Edition licenses can connect to open source solvers always, but can only connect to commercial solvers for a 1 time 30-day free trial. For long term commercial solver use you either need to qualify for and request a professional extension or upgrade to a commercial license. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard AMPL license and the AMPL Community Edition license are the same in terms of power – no limitations on number of variables and constraints. The main difference is the required internet connection with the Community Edition and only connecting to commercial solvers for a 30-day trial. 

See AMPL for Enterprise >

Inside the license portal you can request an extension for your 30 day solver trial. This can often be extended to allow you to complete ongoing work or testing. 


Go to portal >

Our standard licenses have premium email, phone, and video support, while our Community Edition has basic email support and the user forum (where our development team frequently provides support).

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As soon as you sign up through the license portal you can download your license and use it immediately. Your Community Edition license never expires.

See terms & conditions for CE >

Yes! There are limitations on commercial connectivity over 30 days, but it is a great place for modelers to prototype and share ideas, or use on projects needing only an open source solver (*reminder you need a continuous internet connection for license validation). 


No. If you need to use a commercial solver for more than 30 days and you do not qualify for a professional or academic discount, you will need to purchase a standard AMPL license and your preferred commercial solver license. Contact us to get started or for further support. 

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