Modules available

AMPL and all Solvers are now available as Python Packages. List of modules available:

  • Open-source: highs, cbc, coin (includes: CBC, Couenne, Ipopt, Bonmin), open (includes all open-source solvers)

  • NEOS Server: gokestrel (kestrel client)

  • Commercial solvers: baron, conopt, copt, cplex, gurobi, knitro, lgo, lindoglobal, loqo, minos, mosek, octeract, snopt, xpress

  • AMPL Plugins: amplgsl (amplgsl docs), plugins (amplplugins docs)


On Google Colab there is a default AMPL Community Edition license that gives you unlimited access to AMPL with open-source solvers (e.g., HiGHS, CBC, Couenne, Ipopt, Bonmin) or with commercial solvers from the NEOS Server as described in Kestrel documentation.

In the list modules you need to include "gokestrel" to use the kestrel driver; "highs" for the HiGHS solver; "coin" for the COIN-OR solvers. To use other commercial solvers, your license needs to include the commercial solver (e.g., an AMPL CE commercial solver trial).

# Install dependencies
%pip install -q amplpy
# Google Colab & Kaggle integration
from amplpy import AMPL, ampl_notebook

ampl = ampl_notebook(
    modules=["gurobi", "coin", "highs", "gokestrel"],  # modules to install
    license_uuid="default",  # license to use
)  # instantiate AMPL object and register magics

Learn more: [AMPL and Solvers modules] [Solver docs]

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