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AMPL: A Modeling Language
for Mathematical Programming

by Robert Fourer, David M. Gay, and Brian W. Kernighan

Second edition
517 + xxi pp., ISBN 0-534-38809-4

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A comprehensive guide to building optimization models, for beginning or experienced users

Written by the creators of AMPL, this book is a complete guide for modelers at all levels of experience.

Much more than a user’s manual, it begins with a tutorial on widely used linear programming models and proceeds through a more detailed tutorial exposition of all of AMPL’s features. Extensive examples show how each feature is used in meaningful contexts.

Advanced chapters cover network, nonlinear, piecewise-linear, and integer programming; database and spreadsheet interactions; and command scripts.

Most chapters include exercises for study or classroom use.

Online resources

All chapters of the AMPL book are free for download. Complete bound copies are available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

All examples from the AMPL book are available as downloadable model, data, and script files that can be used to experiment with any installation of AMPL and solvers. Also the model and data files are pre-loaded into our online Try AMPL! application.

If you’re starting out with AMPL, you can use it free before deciding on a purchase. Consider requesting a trial license for your computer, or running AMPL online via the free NEOS Server.

For courses that make use of optimization models and methods, the AMPL for Courses program provides temporary versions of AMPL that can be given out to students and used for any other form of course support. Instructors are welcome to direct students to our chapter download page or to post selected chapters on their own course websites.

Note: You will be taken to Amazon to purchase the book