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Our Team

AMPL's dedicated team members strive to combine innovative products with superior customer support.

At AMPL, we believe in putting people and their initiatives first. We pride ourselves on the support we provide to our customers and to the community of mathematical optimization at large.

The Board and Founders

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Wells

William joined AMPL Optimization in 2010 as executive vice president for business development after his time on the Board of Directors for Talus Solutions. He has been a member of executive teams as a Senior Vice President at Talus Solutions, a revenue management company, and Quovera, a business consulting and technology integration firm, with responsibility for operations and customer relationships.

President and Founder

Robert Fourer

Robert was Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at Northwestern University for 33 years. Since 2012 he has devoted full time to AMPL Optimization. He is the author of numerous articles on optimization modeling and has served as Area Editor of three leading journals in this area. His work has been recognized by the Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize for computational optimization and by election as a Fellow of INFORMS.

Director and Founder

David M. Gay

David has had a distinguished research career at M.I.T., Bell Laboratories, and Sandia National Laboratories. Since 2010 he has devoted full time to AMPL Optimization. His numerous investigations in nonlinear optimization and modeling systems have led to recognition as a Highly Cited Researcher in mathematical and in computer science.

Director and Founder

Brian W. Kernighan

Brian is Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. He is internationally known for his work at Bell Laboratories on numerous languages and systems including C and Unix, and for books in computer science including most recently D is for Digital. In 2002 he was elected a member of the U.S. National Academic of Engineering.

The Development Team

Head of Development

Filipe Brandão

Filipe joined AMPL in 2016 as senior developer and today oversees and/or leads most development projects at AMPL. He has a Ph.D in Computer Science with a thesis on Integer Programming models for Cutting and Packing problems, which are currently being used in the industry all over the world.

Senior Developer

Gyorgy Matyasfalvi

Gyorgy joined AMPL in 2020 as a senior developer. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Rutgers University (USA), a M.S. in Economics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) and a B.S. in Mathematics from Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary). Before joining AMPL, Gyorgy worked as a Research Software Engineer at Princeton University (USA).

Senior Developer

Gleb Belov

Gleb has experience in MIP technology and matheuristics, such as large neighborhood search. At AMPL he develops the new solver interface library MP.

Software Developer

Marcos Domínguez Velad

Marcos joined AMPL in 2020 as a junior developer. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science Bachelor degrees at Murcia University (Spain), and holds a M.S. in Artificial Intelligence from the Technical University of Madrid (Spain). Since childhood he has liked solving puzzles and logic challenges, leading to his participation in programming olympiads and contests and some interests in Algorithms, Data Structures, and Operations Research.

Operations, Marketing, Design

Director of Operations

Melinh Nguyen

Melinh Nguyen is the Director of Operations and is mainly responsible for AMPL’s day-to-day operations, heading the financial department and supporting our 350+ academic and commercial customers. She has spent the majority of her career in the tech industry and has called San Jose, Berkeley, Chicago and Washington D.C. home.

Head of Design and Marketing Analyst

Meg Robert

Meg joined AMPL in 2021 as an interface and product designer with a passion for creating better user experience for services as a whole. She has studied ethical marketing and joined the marketing team as a senior analyst. 

Learn about the History of AMPL

AMPL has a long history of commitment to bringing this accessible modeling language to the world. From its beginnings with the founders at Bell Labs, to its expansion into the company it is today, AMPL has never lost sight of what AMPL is and who it was created for.