A simple and straightforward enhanced modeling interface for AMPL users.

The AMPL Integrated Development Environment, IDE, allows for commands to be typed at an AMPL prompt in the usual way. All installed solvers can be accessed directly through the IDE.

Experience the advantage of the IDE

Integration of the AMPL command and editing windows

Syntax highlighting for model and data files

Quick links to error locations

Consistent appearance and operation across platforms

Supported operating systems

AMPL IDE supports all widely used versions of Windows, Linux and macOS. It is included in your bundle if you pick the version with IDE.

Microsoft Windows

See docs and downloads


See docs and downloads


See docs and downloads

Getting started with the AMPL IDE

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Select a bundle with the IDE included.
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Download the bundle that corresponds with your operating system.
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In your AMPL installation directory look for a program named amplide or amplide.exe; under Windows and macOS the program will have a black cat’s-head icon. Double-click the program file to start the AMPL IDE under Windows or macOS; use the command ./amplide to start the AMPL IDE under Linux.

* If you have installed the AMPL program but have not yet installed the AMPL IDE, return to the portal to download the bundle with the IDE.

Try AMPL, solvers, and the IDE for free

AMPL Community Edition is a free, full-featured AMPL license compatible with all open source solvers, and 30-day commercial solver trials.

Download a time-limited full-featured bundle of Standard AMPL and all solvers we sell, as well as popular free solvers.  

This is a non-expiring demo of AMPL and commercial solvers, that can solver small problems up to a few hundred variables (dependent on the solver).

View all our licenses, offerings and payment options to help you find the the package that works best for your project. 

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