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AMPL in Enterprise

In an increasingly complex world, AMPL can help to simplify it.

The AMPL modeling system has been used in hundreds of business operations worldwide. Applications are found in manufacturing, transportation, energy, finance, and many other sectors where complex decisions must be made to minimize cost or maximize efficiency.

Leaders in speed and performance in mathematical modeling

Companies of all sizes depend on AMPL for industry-leading reliability and performance. Our superior speed in solve time provides a competitive advantage in critical applications. We provide the most advanced and robust optimization software available anywhere so that you can focus on what you do best without worrying about the underlying foundation.  We've got you covered! 

AMPL in Enterprise
AMPL in Enterprise
AMPL in Enterprise
AMPL in Enterprise
AMPL in Enterprise
AMPL in Enterprise

Over 40 industries across the globe, hundreds of commercial operations, with partnerships that create a full optimization system.

Our company is built on a mathematical programming language (AMPL) that optimizes complex problems. AMPL handles millions of variables and constraints. Businesses of every size – from start ups to public companies, research to mission critical applications, consulting to non-profits use AMPL to obtain the results they need. 

Finance & Investment

Tracking Error

Some of the world's largest hedge funds minimize deviation on their benchmark-tracking portfolios.

Market-Scale Portfolio Optimization

Money Managers optimize billion-input datasets with ease.

Power Generation & Transmission

Unit Commitment

Traditional, Renewable and Storage asset operators optimize dispatch and charging at utility scale.

Transmission Network Flows

North American, European and Australasian grid operators optimize existing flows and plan grid expansions.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Inventory Planning

Newly reshoring conglomerates remodel and optimize their supply chains fast in response to deglobalization.

Production Optimization

Manufacturers like General Electric, Kimberly-Clark and Southern Company minimize time and cost of product assembly.

Aeronautics & Astronautics

Aerodynamic Design

Roger's EV optimize electric drone fusilage design for optimal aerodynamics and battery/payload balance.

Trajectory Optimization

Telescope and satellite operators optimize asset trajectories and orientations.

Mining & Agriculture

Ore and Metal Supply Chain Optimization

Metal majors optimize extraction, processing, production and pricing of product on a global scale.

Meat Product Blend Optimization

A maker of beef patties employs an optimization model as the backbone of its planning, blending and procurement system.


Crew Hiring and Rostering

Delta, BC Rail and other transportation majors optimize crew works schedules, hiring, training and vacation rostering.

Truck Freight Service Profit Optimization

Truck fleet operators optimize real-time pricing offered on their market platforms.

Finance & Investment

Power Generation & Transmission

Logistics & Supply Chain

Aeronautics & Astronautics

Internet & Telecoms

Econometrics, Tax & Census

Mining & Agriculture

Revenue & Operations Management


Your one stop shop.

A full-scale, intelligent optimization system. 

AMPL is the foundation for your optimization system. With AMPL, you can also use the world’s most powerful solvers. Each AMPL license comes equipped with all open source solvers, APIs for 6 languages and the ability to deploy on all major platforms.. For all of your optimization needs – All payments maintained through AMPL. All support in one place.

Rapid prototyping and model creation

By using a high-level representation that demonstrates optimization models in the same ways that people think about them, AMPL promotes rapid development and reliable results.

Connect your data

Use AMPL’s data handlers to read and write data in the external formats of spreadsheets in .xlsx format, CSV files and databases using ODBC.

Simplify with presolve

AMPL's presolve dramatically reduces a problem's size before sending it to the solver. This makes your solver's task much easier - assisting its own presolve - for a faster result, using less memory.

Connect a solver

To provide the fastest run times and greatest reliability, we offer a selection of top commercial solvers interfaced to AMPL. We provide the same high level of licensing and technical support for these solvers as for the core AMPL product.

API integration

Our API’s insure that you have a reliable and maintainable implementation as you embed your optimization models into applications.


AMPL’s robust and supportive system provides reliable updating and maintenance as needs change.

Extensive support

Our development team is committed to supporting you in creating a smooth and fast running optimization model - and our one-on-one support is available with commercial licenses. 

One stop shopping

Buy AMPL products, commercial solvers, connect open source solvers and deployment systems all through AMPL.

The Value of Mathematical Optimization

Mathematical optimization is providing a competitive advantage to companies in many industries on a global level. 

As companies strive to realize the value of their own data, the opportunity to optimize planning and operations has become an imperative in an increasingly competitive environment.

Mathematical optimization, run by AMPL, is used every day to drive revenue growth, maximize the value of investments, reduce costs and position companies of all sizes to win.

AMPL in Enterprise

Commercial Licenses

Customize licenses for your projects needs, or start for free in our new Community Edition

Our new licensing mechanism and pricing structure is removing the barrier to entry by supporting modelers and developers in immediate use of AMPL for prototyping and testing.

Standard Licenses

Customize your license to meet your projects needs. 

No limitations on problem size

No internet connection required

Single, Floating, and Multi-User Licenses

Subscription and Purchase Pricing

Commercial and Open Source Solvers

Premium Technical Support

Start prototyping, testing and sharing models now –  no contracts, no payments.

Unlimited Variables and Constraints

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30-Day free trial of commercial solvers

Basic Technical Support

How can we help you?

At AMPL, we believe in putting people and their initiatives first. We work closely with our customers from model development to deployment, offering phone and email support, to create the models and solutions that make the difference in your business day to day.

Transparent pricing

See all our license pricing options for AMPL and solvers we sell.

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