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Take your optimized solutions to the next level.

Consultants can now connect purchased commercial solvers to a free Community Edition license. Save thousands of dollars, and create better solutions for your clients. 

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What is AMPL for Consulting?

Free, full-featured AMPL

No limitations on the number of variables or constraints. AMPL supports models with millions of variables and constraints, while still solving at lightning speed.

Worlds most popular solvers

AMPL sells the world's most powerful solvers used by the top performing companies world-wide.

Flexible solver prices

You can now pay for solvers on a subscription or purchase + maintenance pricing system for even more flexibility and ease of getting started.

Simple to obtain

Fill out a simple form in the License Portal. We will contact you to set up your contract and send you your downloadable license file.

Single-User License

Your license can only be used by one user, the person who has qualified, and can be used one machine at a time.

Not dependent on the internet

The AMPL system included in every license and bundle

All AMPL licenses provide you with the powerful optimization system of writing AMPL models with our IDE, allows you to connect your data from databases, spreadsheets and CSV files

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AMPL IDE is a ready-to-go visual development environment with built-in controls for optimization model development and testing.

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Data Connectors

Integrate your optimization models with spreadsheet and relational sources, locally or in the cloud. AMPL’s table handlers establish fast connections for data input and result output.

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Solver Connections

Try out the features of on all the best solvers, without changing your model or data. AMPL’s standard interface lets you focus first on modeling and then choose the optimization engine that meets your needs.

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Build optimization into your enterprise systems or software products, using AMPL’s application programming interfaces. AMPL offers fast connections to Python, R, C++, C#, MATLAB, and Java, while maintaining your model in its
original, readable form.

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Extended Function Library

This library extends AMPL with over 300 functions chosen from the GNU Scientific Library, including scientific, statistical, and utility functions of many kinds. Once installed and declared, these functions may be applied to any arguments anywhere in an AMPL model or script.

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Education Materials

Master the AMPL language and system quickly with our introductory materials, examples, and documentation. The AMPL book provides a complete tutorial introduction (and it’s great for teaching, too).

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Extensive documentation for newcomers and experts alike. Learn how to install, use, integrate and deploy AMPL models and applications. 

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Join the conversation in our support forum at Our expert technical support team frequently provides new content and answers your questions. 

Commercial Solver Pricing

Solver Type Solver Name Subscription (single-user) Purchase + Maintenance (single-user)
Linear-Quadratic COPT $3,000 $6,000
CPLEX $4,750 $9,500
Gurobi Contact Us Contact Us
Xpress $4,000 $8,000
Nonlinear Artleys Knitro $2,000 $4,000
CONOPT $2,000 $4,000
LOQO $1,500 $3,000
MINOS $1,500 $3,000
SNOPT $1,600 $3,200
Global BARON $2,000 $4,000
LGO $2,000 $4,000
LINDO Global $3,500 $7,000
LINDO Global Basic $2,000 $4,000
Octeract $4,000 $8,000

Free use of AMPL and open source solvers only for all persons and organizations using AMPL exclusively for development and testing but not production.

Yes! We make it very easy to test AMPL before making purchases. You can download and start using the AMPL Community Edition, a 30-day full trial or a size-limited demo.

Discounts may be available on purchases of multiple AMPL or solver licenses. Previous purchases can be counted toward volume discounts provided their maintenance is current. Please contact us at for details.

 Yes, you need only give us an email address for the cardholder (you can send this to We will then send a message to that address containing instructions for entering the credit card number through a secure web interface. (Square acts as our credit card processor for this transaction, and you will see their logo on the email, but there is no requirement that you register for their services or create an account.

We are confident AMPL will meet all of your needs. To be sure, compare AMPL and other modeling languages on the NEOS server. Learn more here.

Setting up an account only takes as much time as is needed to create the custom bundle that will work best for your particular situation. You can start modeling right away with a free Community Edition license with free commercial solver trials. We will expand your license to include all your paid license features.

Each single license allows the product to be run by any number of users in any number of simultaneous processes, on one designated computer. (KNITRO is limited to one user.)

AMPL maintenance and support service includes access to AMPL and solver software updates, regeneration of license files necessitated by hardware changes, and technical assistance with installation and execution. The quoted prices include one year of maintenance and support. Subsequent maintenance and support service is charged at an annual rate equal to a percentage, currently 20%, of the license price in effect at the time of renewal.

Maintenance and support will be billed annually unless cancelled in writing by the customer prior to the renewal date. Contact us at for information on upgrades to copies not currently under maintenance.

By using the purchased software you agree to our Terms & Conditions governing the licensing and use of AMPL products. Contact us if your organization has special requirements for license agreements.

Get started with your license

Get in touch – we’re here to help! Or create a free Community Edition account to get started right away.

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Create an account in our license portal
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Fill in the request form to qualify for this special offer
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Download the Community Edition to get started right away
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We will contact you to set up your license and extend your Community Edition license.