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The AMPL modeling system has been used in hundreds of business operations worldwide. Applications are found in manufacturing, transportation, energy, finance, and many other sectors where complex decisions must be made to minimize cost or maximize efficiency.

AMPL models are built by skilled practitioners who have backgrounds in operations research, engineering fields of many kinds, diverse mathematical sciences, and business analytics. Additional assistance with AMPL application development is available from educational institutions and professional consultants.

Customer areas

Optimization is distinguished by its broad range of uses throughout the business world. Thus AMPL has been applied in numerous business areas, of which the following are representative:

Transportation Air
Production Planning: steel, automotive
Supply chain: consumer products
Finance Asset management
Investment banking
Natural resources Electric power
Gas distribution
Information technology Telecommunications
Internet services
Consulting practices Management
Industrial engineering

Case studies

Representative uses of AMPL in large-scale optimization have been reported in the following articles. All are from publications of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) that describe applications of optimization approaches to problems of practical interest.

Automated and Clinically Optimal Treatment Planning for Cancer Radiotherapy
Masoud Zarepisheh, Linda Hong, Ying Zhou, Qijie Huang, Jie Yang, Gourav Jhanwar, Hai D. Pham, Pınar Dursun, Pengpeng Zhang, Margie A. Hunt, Gig S. Mageras, Jonathan T. Yang, Yoshiya (Josh) Yamada, Joseph O. Deasy
INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics 52, 1 (2022) 69-89

Distributionally Robust Optimization Under a Decision Dependent Ambiguity Set with Applications to Machine Scheduling and Humanitarian Logistics
Nilay Noyan, Gábor Rudolf, Miguel Lejeune
INFORMS Journal on Computing (published online 23 Dec 2021)

Data-Driven Optimization of Reward-Risk Ratio Measures
Ran Ji, Miguel A. Lejeune
INFORMS Journal on Computing 33, 3 (2021) 1120-1137

Empowering Denver Public Schools to Optimize School Bus Operations
Amanda Chu, Pinar Keskinocak, Monica C. Villarreal
INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics 50, 5 (2020) 298-312

Modeling Commuting Flows via Fixed Components
Sahar Babri, Kurt Jörnsten, Inge Thorsen, Jan Ubøe
Transportation Science 54, 5 (2020) 1225-1237.

Risk-Based Loan Pricing: Portfolio Optimization Approach with Marginal Risk Contribution
So Yeon Chun, Miguel A. Lejeune
Management Science 66, 8 (2020) 3735-3753

Improving Sports Media’s Crystal Ball for National Basketball Association Playoff Elimination
Mark A. Husted, Eli V. Olinick, Alexandra M. Newman
INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics (2020) published online

Planning Online Advertising Using Gini Indices
Miguel A. Lejeune, John Turner
Operations Research 67, 5 (2019) 1222-1245

Dynamic Compressor Optimization in Natural Gas Pipeline Systems
Terrence W. K. Mak, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Anatoly Zlotnik, Russell Bent
INFORMS Journal on Computing 31, 1 (2019) 40-65

Extraction Planning Under Capacity Uncertainty at the Chuquicamata Underground Mine
Lorenzo Reus, Mathias Belbèze, Hans Feddersen, Enrique Rubio
INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics 48, 6 (November-December 2018) 543-555

Customer Learning in Call Centers from Previous Waiting Experiences
Seyed Morteza Emadi, Jayashankar M. Swaminathan
Operations Research 66, 5 (2018) 1433-1456

Market-Oriented Service Network Design When Demand is Sensitive to Congestion
Cornelia Schön, Pratibha Saini
Transportation Science 52, 5 (2018) 1253-1275

Women’s College Hospital Uses Operations Research to Create an Ambulatory Clinic Schedule
Brendan K. Eagen, Timothy C.Y. Chan, Michael W. Carter
Service Science 10, 3 (2018) 230-240

Allocating Students to Multidisciplinary Capstone Projects Using Discrete Optimization
Thomas L. Magnanti, Karthik Natarajan
INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics 48, 3 (May-June 2018) 204-216

Optimization with Stochastic Preferences Based on a General Class of Scalarization Functions
Nilay Noyan, Gábor Rudolf
Operations Research 66, 2 (2018) 463-486

A Practicable Robust Counterpart Formulation for Decomposable Functions: A Network Congestion Case Study
Erick Delage, Luca G. Gianoli, Brunilde Sansò
Operations Research 66, 2 (2018) 535-567

Flow Balancing with Uncertain Demand for Automated Package Sorting Centers
Luis J. Novoa, Ahmad I. Jarrah, David P. Morton
Transportation Science 52, 1 (2018) 210-227

Managing Reliability and Stability Risks in Forest Harvesting
Miguel A. Lejeune, Janne Kettunen
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 19, 4 (2017) 620-638

Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center Optimizes Operating Room Block Schedule for New Hospital
Brittney Benchoff, Candace Arai Yano, Alexandra Newman
INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics 47, 3 (May-June 2017) 214-229

Impact of Delay Announcements in Call Centers: An Empirical Approach
Zeynep Akşin, Baris Ata, Seyed Morteza Emadi, Che-Lin Su.
Operations Research 65, 1 (2017) 242-265